To #ThatGirl... Who jumped on stage & hugged JT!

Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 8:22 PM By: YKY7

We all have our #JustinTimberlake fantasies, but #ThatGirl in the second #2020Experience concert @ the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut actually got to make hers come true ??????

Click my #JT2020Tour link for the video:

Needless is to say that shock and surprise, quickly turned to envy, lol! She really had some balls. My hat goes out to the lady (whomever she may be), who hugged #JT ??????

Amazingly, Justin is such a great guy and performer that he didn't skip-a-bit, nor did he make his fan feel bad for the infringement. And that is way everyone loves this guy!

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