say goodbye to the snow and hello to the rain

Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 3:55 AM By: ELovelace

the storm has since passed and everyone around here is acting crazy like they dont know how to function with snow on the ground. lol good thing the news says we are to have a high of 43 tomorrow and some rain.i'm hoping that since it will be on the warmer side that the rain will just melt most of the snow and not cause any is supposed to be in the 30's so here's hoping....back to school for my keyraboo tomorrow.they have a two hour delay which means that mommy gets to wake up at the normal time and deal with all three of my kiddies for an extra two hours in the a.m.(a little back story for you... my twins go to bed at 8pm and my 9yr old goes to bed at 9 no matter what time i put the twins to bed they always manage to wake up at the ass crack of dawn. by that i means oooohhhhh 4:30 and they're always ready to play while my 9yr old is turning into a zombie and drags herself out of bed as if every fiber of her being is telling her NOOOOO!) nothing much more to say about was pretty good so i cant complain too much about time to relax until i'm awaken by the little people holding cpk's and thomas the train sets.

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