Thank you JT & The TN Kids

Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 11:32 AM By: jeff_dmk

Well it is the moment for my first blog!^^ It's just to pay tribute to the most incredible entertainer i've seen in my life. The 20/20 Experience is really a piece of art, and only a man like JT was able to do what he did. My first time in Stade de France, my first JT concert, the "Cry Me A River" with the intense rain, the live version of "Only When I walk Away"... There are so much good memories that i can't even choose one! It was the perfect show, the type of show which can change your life. So i can't wait for the DVD, and i look forward for the next chapter!

The TN kids is an amazing band & an amazing fan group! It is so cool to share your passion with true JT fans! Definitely the best part i guess! ;)

26.4.14 forever! :D

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