Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 3:42 AM By: Nancy_TNKid

I have been to every NSYNC/JT concert in my city.. The very first NSYNC concert I attended, was at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto I believe it was in 1998.. I had sideview seating, upper level....There was a part during the show they were sitting on stools and Justin was right at the end on my side of the stage, he looked to the side into the crowd, I went crazy and started screaming and waving at him...He waved to the crowd...For the longest time I was convinced that wave was to me lol I told everyone I knew that Justin waved at me...But I'm old enough now to realized that he was waving to everyone in the crowd, and I was way up high, so it would have been really hard for him to see me waving lol but I was convinced...I had the most amazing night..I was the happiest 12 year old ever...
This past Feb.13th, I got the VIP package, I was freaking out when I first saw my ticket.
I got 2nd Row, Center Stage!!! During Drink You Away, he looked directly at me and it was like we were singing together, and felt to me like no one else was around.... HE FINALLY KNEW I EXISTED! That moment will be with me forever. <3
I ordered the same package for the December show, and hoping for amazing seats again! All I want is to see him again

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