Watcher's (inspired by Ancient Aliens)

Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 3:24 PM By: Dee Rose

Again it's time to climb!
What makes you keep fear,
the negative impulses,
the ones that burn inside,
the same ones that make us lie,
A fear so strong,
it makes it hard to stay in line,
Especially if we're still stuck in time.

We think we feel wisdom,
cuz we now know the secrets.
yet still searching for answers,
In nobody's business.
We must not forget,
how we form to ourselves.
Doubts, then observations
turn it into positive truths.

So, let's put our hearts together,
and try not to forget,
our souls are one in the same.
As if the universe is one big brain.
Electric impulses are all around us.
that so often feed this life's game.

what will we create
if we focus on dying
a way to co-create,
the truth is now underlying.
Just because you think you understand it all,
Every One get's stuck behind a wall.

It's time to keep the light
on positive instruction.
Don't forget about the blue moon
but continue changing all the rules.

Let's expand not explode.

#AcientAliens #watchers
#light #love #loyalty #LOA

"What are you going to do with your gift dear child? Give life, Give love, Give Soul? Divided is the one who dances, for the soul is so exposed." -Creed-

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