SOCIAL REPORT: #JT2020Tour Portland, OR - Dallas, TX

SOCIAL REPORT: #JT2020Tour Portland, OR - Dallas, TX

We’re BACK! The final leg of The 20/20 Experience World Tour is in full swing and has been hitting the stage from the Pacific Northwest all the way down to the Lone Star State. Since no one wants to see the tour end, The Tennessee Kids, Justin, and of course, the fans are bringing out that extra energy to make the tour's last leg one to remember. 

Some of our favorite photos from Portland, Oakland, Inglewood, Anaheim, Vegas, Houston, and Dallas are below! Thank you to all the creative social reporters featured! 

There are only ten shows left, but you still have a chance to see Justin and The Tennessee Kids one last time! Get your tickets HERE

Be sure to stay tuned for more social reports covering the last leg of the tour! Remember to use #JT2020Tour if you take picturess at the shows, and you could see them featured here in the next report! 

11/20 - Portland, OR at the Moda Center

In Portland, The 20/20 Experience  was one of the biggest shows to ever come to the city. The Moda Center was completely sold out and the crowd was ready to party. Midway through the show Justin raised his Suaza 901 shot to the crowd saying, "I never tell a lie. This is one of the craziest crowds we've ever had." 

From @TheTNKids: The boys are back! #Regram from @winslowdynasty in #Portland #JT2020Tour - @bfm22 @mrjoness3 @aaroncamper @jus1gil @regiment_horns @mohawkmusic @soirodgers @terrysantiel @lylebeniga @ivankoumaev @mattywordup @seanethetrumpet @leonsilva_onsax @kwilliams62279

Photo: @kelligirl95

Photo: @mrstinytrex

Photo: @mrstinytrex

From @TheTNKids: You rocked it Portland - way to start off the last leg #JT2020Tour right!! Pic by @ingridcmccarthy - edited by @monaroyalty #TNKids

From @TheTNKids: "Taking in every last moment..." from @lindsayrichardson our #TNKid dancer! OAKLAND let's make it a night to remember!! #JT2020Tour

11/22 - Oakland, CA at the Oracle Arena 

Justin and The Tennessee Kids were so excited to be back on the stage in California. Justin did a few shout outs to "Oaklaaaaand!" and "San Fran!" and the crowd was giving good energy right back! 

From @TheTNKids#Backstage - Secret fun room @oraclearena!! @ivankoumaev @mattywordup @lylebeniga #JT2020Tour

From @TheTNKidsLast night was turnt up #Oakland! #JT2020Tour pic by @tnkid

Photo: @katharina.julia

From @TheTNKidsINGLE-WHAT?!? Let's rock it out tonight! #JT2020Tour #lastleg #Inglewood Thanks for the pic @anthonypresents

From @Shmeckaleck: His first concert! He had a blast! @justintimberlake

11/24 - Inglewood, CA at The Forum

In Inglewood, Justin made one woman's birthday / her whole year:

"It's your birthday? Today?" asked Justin. "What's your name? Cassidy? Are you driving? Did you Uber? No? You're not driving? Imma get you a shot then."

From @TheTNKidsBefore the #JT2020Show at @theforum in #Inglewood last night! Thanks for the pic @ivankoumaev #backstage

Photo: @bltoney_

Photo: @lccfoodie 

Photo: @lccfoodie 

From @Brunasouza: If I could say anything to @justintimberlake and @thetnkids it would be: thank you! I’ve been to 17ish concerts for the #JT2020Tour all over US and Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, NY, Kansas, LA, Anaheim, Vegas, and Houston), met met some really nice people and had an amazing time! This is my box of little ‘treasures’ with credentials, tickets and a few things I collected along the way… Love you all!

11/26 - Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center

The show in Anaheim was the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone was getting into the holiday spirit - especially Justin and The Tennesee Kids who were  ready to party!  

"It's going to be a hot one tonight, Anaheim...Right now it's an 8.5, and I wanna turn it up to a 10!" Justin proclaimed.  Let's just say the Anaheim crowd turned it up! 

Photo: @pettitca 

Photo: @catgeee 

Photo: @charlene_c 

11/28 - Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand Garden Area

It's was a fun show in Vegas. The city knows how to party!  

Photo: @ivankoumaev 

Photo: @meeshmosh

Photo: @JTFan900

From @TheTNKids: "This is what happens when your flight gets canceled #2020airportparty" ~ @mattywordup feat. the #TNKidTravelers @ivankoumaev @lylebeniga @lindsayrichardson @danadaners @natgilmore @karisellards

12/1 - Houston, TX at tbe Toyota Center

The show in Houston was almost a year to the day from the Houston stop of the first leg of The 20/20 Experience World Tour. At the show Justin, toasted to the South - "This is to the South, baby." 

Photo: @toyotacenter

Photo: @mrsmelslocum 

From @TheTNKidsLoved the energy last night!! Thank you #Houston! #JT2020Tour #lastleg Pic from @marcofromhouston

From @justinjames99 (American football defensive end for the Houston Texans of the National Football League): Mr. Do-It-All... So many talents, such a great work ethic. Great seeing you last night @justintimberlake.

12/3 - Dallas, TX at the American Airlines Center

Dallas represented at the show last night! Dancing the whole night! A few lucky ladies even got a selfie with the man himself. 

From @TheTNKids: Looks like these #Dallas #TNKids are getting into the #JT2020Tour spirit!! Thank you for sharing your cute pic @hien_to

From @TheTNKids: #thecrewisallhere - regram from @linsdayrichardson

Photo: @aacenter

Photo: @transposemma 

Photo: @leighlibmann

  1. On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 8:05 PM, BrunaSouza said:

    Really happy to see "me" there! I already miss the tour!

  2. On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 12:08 PM, alexaplanewoods said:

    I remember that I went to the concert in Inglewood last month.
    This is a my first JT's concert.
    Los Angeles was very far from Japan, but the concert was very very FUN!!
    Thank you for @jtimberlake & @THETNKIDS!!!!!

  3. On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:06 PM, cheuy3060 said:

    I love all the pictures!! I like to see everyone's perspective of every show. It's almost like your there, everyone's reactions and captions of the pictures are awesome to look at!! Love the social reporting great job to everyone, it makes us all feel as if we are there. Even tho I can't wait until I'm there live again. 4 days!!!

  4. On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 9:02 PM, lmengis said:

    I have to say I just love that JT/Fan Selfie pic! I think that one is my all time favorite!

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