Meet The TN Kids: Elliott Ives

Meet The TN Kids: Elliott Ives

#MeetTheTNKids : 4 days till the last leg of The 20/20 Experience World Tour begins. Today we're introducing the extraordinary guitarist - Elliott Ives.

Role in TN Kids: Guitarist

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Fan Page: http://justintimberlake.com/users/ElliottIves

Motto? “Huss Hard” (Dominate everyday to the fullest)

How did you first get into music?

I started off jumping on my bed and doing high kicks while playing air guitar. I wanted to be in Europe (the band) and The Fat Boys at the same time.

First concert?

Motley Crue with opening act Guns N' Roses - 1986

Who's your biggest influence? Idol?

Albert King, Eric Gales… but right now? Mike Scott. 

Nickname? (And why?)

“The Wolf” (No reason)

On tour, you can't survive without:

1. Chewing gum

2. Airplane neck pillow

3. Tennessee whiskey

What's been your favorite place you've visited so far and why? Or favorite moment on #JT2020Tour so far.

I think my favorite times on this tour so far have been in Abu Dhabi, Istanbul; Tel-Aviv, Morocco; and Lisbon, Portugal. They were all departures from The 20/20 Experience World Tour arena shows that we had been doing all over the US and Europe. The weather was awesome; the scenery was beautiful; and we had some much needed days off. It was a fun stretch.

What's your favorite song to play?

I enjoy playing “Sexy Back” and “Mirrors.” Mike and I get a chance to get heavy, and we can hear our guitars bouncing off the back wall of the arena or stadium. Those songs also cap the show off, so the entire band is at a climax. Full balls.

What message would you give to an aspiring musician/dancer?

Just when you think you can't, push on. Things will happen when you least expect.

Do you have your own personal project?

Absolutely. Rabid Villain satisfies the bluesy heavy metal cravings, and Lord T & Eloise quench the quirky hip hop thirst - all out of the great city of Memphis with good people I grew up with.

Anyone you want to give a shout-out to?

Yea, I want to give a shout-out to a past girlfriend who dumped me because she believed pursuing music as a career was a dead end path. Her last words to me were "Ha. Good luck with that." Thank you for the motivation. You know who you are!

Twitter: @soirodgers

Instagram: @soirodgers

Facebook: Elliot Ives

#JT2020Tour Costumes: Neil BarrettTom Ford 

Photography: Faith-Ann Young, Rachael Yarbrough

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