Congratulations and welcome!


You are now officially a Tennessee Kid, or if you've been one of the gang for a while, it's your first time the new TN Kid platform (on! We're moving on up, y'all).

Basically, we're happy you're here, and this FAQ page is here to answer any and all questions you may have about the site. So give it a read through.

If you still have questions, know you can always reach out to the superb support team at They're here to help you out - and they're ridiculously smart.

Let's get started, so you can get blogging!

1. How do I get started and create my account?


Well if you're here, so you've probably already figured this one out. But! Just in case:

  1. Go to
  2. Look at the navigation bar right under JT's name and click on "TN Kids" on the far right.
  3. A drop down will appear. Click on "Join" !!


2. I had an account on the old site. How does this transfer onto the new site?


If you already had an account with TN Kids, it will transfer right over. We do ask that you change your password for security purposes. You can do that HERE.

Now for the fun stuff!

3. How do I blog?


  1. Login to your TN Kids account. If you haven't made one yet, check out question 1 (How do I get started and create my account?).
  2. Look at the navigation bar right under JT's name and click on the "TN Kids" on the far right. A drop down will appear. Click on "Blogs."
  3. In the upper right hand corner, you will see "+ Post New Blog." Click it!
  4. Make a title (It won't let you post, without one!).
  5. Start writing away... :) If you have some pics to post see question 4 (I have some cool pics I want to put in my blog! How do I do it?).
  6. When you're done, be sure to click the "I am not a bot" box before clicking "Add."


4. I have some cool pics I want to put in my blog! How do I do it?


So this is a little different from the old site, but it's totally worth learning the process to post your JT pics!

  1. When you have the perfect picture picked out for your post, the first step is to make sure that your picture is hosted (located) on another website - whether that's Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or SmugMug.
  2. Then when you have the spot in your post picked out where you want the photo, click the cursor in that spot.
  3. Click on picture icon in the formatting bar.  
  4. A popup box will appear entitled "Url" 
  5. This is where you will copy and paste the image Url (aka why it's so important that your photo is hosted on another site!). You can get the image URL in multiple ways for different sites.

***Don't worry if you don't see the picture right away! It will appear when you've finished the post.***


5. I made a small mistake and need to fix it!! How do I edit my blog?


  1. Look at the navigation bar right under JT's name and click on the "TN Kids" on the far right.
  2. A drop down will appear. Click "Blogs" just like you would if you were creating a new blog.
  3. This time, click on "Blog Listing" (in the right hand corner next to ("+Post New Blog"), and you will see a list of all blogs you've created.
  4. At the end of each blog in the lower right-hand corner, you will see options for "Read / Edit / Delete."
  5. Click "Edit," and you're well on your way to perfecting your posting.


6. What's up with the points? I want some!


You can earn you points with almost every action you do in Tennessee Kids! Points can be redeemed in the Points Store where we are always adding new items.

You get points for:

  • Adding friends
  • Commenting on news articles
  • Creating blogs
  • Posting in the forums
  • Competing in campaigns
  • And more!

Every one of these actions will earn you a set number of points, and the more active you are, the more points you get. Who doesn't want more points? Just be careful not to spam!

What Constitutes "Spamming"?

  • Creating a meaningless blog (example, subject: "HI" body: "I'm bored.")
  • Creating a blog every minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, every hour... You get the idea.
  • Creating a blog that contains only a picture.
  • Commenting on a blog with " :) " or a one word answer that doesn't enhance or further discussion, or a comment that has nothing to do with the blog in the first place.
  • Commenting on another member's profile by using numbers, letters, emoticons or anything else that wouldn't be considered part of a discussion, or a true "comment".
  • Commenting on either a blog or profile multiple times with the same comment.

To make a long story, short - just make your content-packed blogs, like you always do, and you're good to go!

7. How do I enter contests? Aka I want to win big!


Well, well, well, you're in the right spot! Contests are on-going, and it's our way to reward you TN Kids with gifts, points, merch and more for being so awesome. They are very simple in their 'click-to-enter' submission style.

Breakdown: When a contest is announced that you'd like to take part in…

  1. Go to the "Contest" page (To get there go to Look at the navigation bar under JT's name. Look to the far right and click on the "TN Kids" on the far right. A drop down will appear. Click on "Contests.")
  2. Read the description and Terms & Conditions
  3. Click a button that says "SIGN UP FOR THIS" and that's it!
  4. You are now entered into that contest.

If you win a contest (cross your fingers!!), you will receive an email from the community manager letting you know that you've won and likely asking for follow-up information (like a shipping address).

8. How do I use the Forums? There's so much to say!


How to post:

  1. Go to the "Forums" page (To get there go to Look at the navigation bar under JT's name. Look to the far right and click on the "TN Kids" on the far right. A drop down will appear. Click on "Forums.")
  2. Click on a topic that you are interested in discussing, i.e; "JT Memories."
  3. You will see certain topics already in place that you can either add to, or you can create your own topic and start a new discussion with the fellow TN Kids.

How to create topic: It’s pretty simple, once you’ve clicked into the category where your topic belongs, just click “Add a new topic” at the top of the page.

How to reply: While you are in a thread, you can reply.

9. How can I find other TN Kids like me?


Go to the Users section of the site! (To get there go to Look at the navigation bar under JT's name. Look to the far right and click on the "TN Kids" on the far right. A drop down will appear. Click on "Users.")

You can search by keywords, gender, recent members, oldest members, recent blogs, and highest points earners. Once you click on someone’s profile picture, you are taken to their full profile, where you can add them as a friend. They must approve this request before you are officially friends.

10. I'd like a quick run through of the categories on the far left of my "Manage Account" profile please!


My pic at the top:

  • This is the image that accompanies your profile.
  • Want to change it?
  1. Go to your dashboard and hover over the blank square above your username, and you’ll see a button pop up that says "Edit."
  2. Click on that button, and you'll be taken to a page with a photo uploader.
  3. From there you can select a photo from anywhere on your computer, upload it and hit "Submit."


  • Your dashboard is the central location where you will go to do a lot of your posting and editing for your profile. Here you will find blog access, order history, external codes and more.

View My Profile:

  • Check yourself out!
  • This is where you can see what other TN Kids see when they visit your profile.


  • Here you can hit up your TN Kid friends and send direct messages to other users.
  • You can also view sent mail to see if your message has been read yet.


  • This is a list of all the TN Kids who are confirmed groovy friends of yours.
  • You can quickly check out any of their profiles and see what they're up to here.


  • Here you can add outside links you want to show up on your profile (your Flikr account, your Instagram, etc).
  • How?
  1. Go to the dashboard and click on "Links."
  2. Name the link (i.e; My Facebook’).
  3. Paste the URL (i.e;
  4. It will now appear on your Tennessee Kid user profile.


  • Leave a message at the beeeeeep! Your friends can leave messages for you here on your profile, but they must be approved first.
  • Click here on "Comments" to approve or deny these comments from your pals!


  • This section is explained in detail above in 3 (How do I blog?), 4 (How do I post photos?), and 5 (How do I edit?)!!


  • Tell me a little bit about yourself…this section is the ice breaker.
  • Here you can select your gender, list your occupation, your location, etc.
  • This information will all be visible on your profile page. If you'd prefer not to fill any of those fields out, that's cool too! It's up to YOU!


  • Need to change your name, e-mail address, or password? You're in the right spot :)

Linked Accounts:

  • If you're on that multiple account game (aka you have other ground(ctrl) accounts under the same email address), they will be listed here.

Billing & Shipping Info:

  • You can edit billing & shipping info right here!
  • It's always smart to have at least your state and/ or zip code listed, in case we need to geo-target a specific group of people.


  • Check the status of any orders placed through the site here.
  • "Ready" means the order has been received.
  • "Shipped" means it is on it’s way to you.
  • "Attention" means there may be something wrong and you should reach out to customer support


  • Points are explained in more detail above in 6 (What are points? I want some!).


  • If you'd like to have an email sent to you when you get a new inbox message, a new blog comment, or a new wall post, you can enable those notifications here!
  • Just check the box for the ones you'd like to receive, and uncheck them if you'd prefer not to receive anything.

Thanks for reading, TN Kids!

Again, if you still have questions, you can always reach out to the support team at They're great!

Much love,

TN Kids